Alkaline diet: what is and is not?

The alkaline diet is aimed to eat exclusively or mainly goods and drink that have an alkaline effect on the body. An alkaline effect is the opposite of an acidifying effect. It ensures that your pH stays in order so you’re much healthier. The alkaline diet is especially good for your kidneys. In addition, it is also claimed that may have a beneficial effect on the bones, muscles, and intestines.


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Hypertension: how to choose a blood pressure monitor?

Nowadays, the modern technology brings many good devices for our health. If you have pain in foot, there are foot massages devices. If you have diabetes, your doctor will take your blood pressure at every visit. But you want to check on your own sometimes? Here are some tips to choose well and use this self-measurement device.

Taking your blood pressure with a blood pressure at home


There are two types of blood pressure:

Correctly measure its voltage is not always easy. To avoid mistakenly diagnosing hypertension, the doctor may advise you to measure your blood pressure at home.

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Electric Foot Massager


Knowing about the types of foot massager available is the first step you should take in buying yourself a best home foot massager. There are various ways to classify them: according to the health benefits they provide (mostly for relief or also for therapeutic value), according to the operating mechanism (with or without electricity and/or water), coverage (just the sole, the whole foot or the lower body).

Generally, there are 4 main types of foot massagers:

1. Manual Foot Massagers

Manual Foot MassagersThese are the simplest types of foot massagers you can find on the market. They mostly come with tubes, balls or rollers and operate through rolling actions without any electricity involved.


  • Very easy to use: users have complete control over the rolling actions and the intensity of massage. They can just focus on any area they want on their soles.
  • Cheap and cost effective: due to their very simple designs, these foot massager barely cause a dent on users’ wallet for both standard and multiple roller types. Users don’t need t spend a huge sum to feel relaxed.
  • Durable: they can be really durable, especially those made from natural wood grain.
  • Portable: manual foot massagers are those you can bring with you anywhere, from one room to other, to your office or on your trip.


The biggest issue with manual foot massagers is that they have very limited effect on users’ health. They are used mostly for massaging soft tissues of the feet, improving blood circulation and helping us relax.

Except for manual foot massagers, other types bring a lot more therapeutic value.

2. Electric Foot Massagers

Electric Foot MassagerUnlike manual types where users need to roll their feet for massage, electric foot massagers do all the work upon a touch of the “Start” button.  Their designs are also much more complicated and the operating mechanisms are different: massaging actions are done through using electricity.

There are various types of electric foot massagers. They can target specific areas of the foot or mainly massage the entire foot.  They can be vibrating massagers, infrared massagers or shiatsu massagers depending on the types of massages they offer. Users can also find different features and attachments available for selection.


  • Effective and efficient: these modern appliances can treat pressure points on the feet well since they are powered with vibration for deeper massage.
  • Automatic: users simply need to push the start button
  • Versatile: there are different types of massages offered depending on users’ preference and conditions. Various speeds and setting allow users to choose the speed and intensity they want. Vibration can go from gentle to intense, helping users relax while infrared heat improves blood circulation considerably. Shiatsu massagers are probably not everyone’s favorite but their powerful kneading massages will make users feel very comfortable as soon as the massage session is over.


  • Heavy: depending on the models, they can be quite heavy to carry around
  • Loud: certain appliances can generate loud whirring noise
  • In terms of cost, they are obviously more expensive then manual types

3. Foot Spa Massagers

Foot Spa MassagerFor people who look for more than just massage, a foot spa is the type of product they need. It can be considered a special type of electric foot massager as it also runs on electricity but it uses water as well. Users can submerge their feet in water and enjoy the extra relaxation from jets and bubbles. The right amount of heat according to users’ preference is maintained during the using time, helping tight or sore muscles to relax and relieving chronic pain.


  • Extra comfort and health benefits: the combination of water and heat works very effectively in exfoliating and relieving pressure and chronic pains. Pressure points in the entire foot are properly dealt with.
  • Complete control: users have full control over the jets or heat temperature. Also, control can be done using the need without the need of bending down.


  • Expensive: this is quite an investment; however, the health benefits it provides is worth the money

4. Foot Calf Massagers

Electric Foot MassagersNow if users don’t just target the pressure points at the feet but seek treatment for the lower body, including such parts like ankles, calves or even knees, a foot calf massager is the one to have. It generally comes with pressure nodes to massage the soft tissues of the feet and with kneading discs to provide deep massage for the joints, calves and ankles at the same time.

Obviously, among the 4 main types of foot massager, this one will provide the most benefits. It tends to cost the most, though.

Ultimately, the type of foot massager you should buy is the one that suits your need and body conditions the most. If you just want to relax, a simple manual massager can suit you well. With more money to spend, you will of course be able to get more therapeutic value.

Preparation for some important moments in your life

From birth to death, through marriage, here’s a note of steps to be taken during these events.



Birth: the first formalities

First step: the “declaration” in the town hall of the place of birth within three days after delivery (not to be confused with the recognition of the child), which allows the child to be named in the family book.

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why using nail clipper is important?

Ingrown toenail, what to do?

When you play some sports such as tennis, you may have some minor accidents, pain in your feet, for example. The edge of your toenail gets red and swollen and it hurts you, especially when you press it? You will surely suffer from an ingrown toenail. Do not take this issue lightly because it can worsen and lead to infection.


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The Density of Memory Foam Pillows

An essential element in the choice of bedding which we think it’s not really necessary is the pillow. And yes, the pillow is essential, both for our sleep and our spine. You should know that many people have several pillows, especially when they have an electric bed. A pillow is used to relax, read or watch TV, another is exclusive to sleep. And one important factor which makes up the comfortable of the pillow is the density.


The density is a key feature of the shape of memory foam pillow. The density is an important indicator of the efficiency of the foam with respect to comfort, support and durability. It is also an indicator of the relative economics of foam.


memory foam pillows


The density of the foam does not correspond to the weight, if not a measurement of the mass per unit volume. Density is a function of the chemistry used to produce the foam and any additive used in order to improve the resistance of properties for combustion. The shape of memory foam pillow is available in several densities. The density of the foam is a function without padding, called polymer density. If the foam contains no additives or padding, the polymer density is the same as the total density of the foam.

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Padel, the tennis, squash or something else?

Regularly, new sports that can count in a short time on a wide-ranging interests. Often, the new sports in one way or another, derived from already existing sports. So you have paddle, which is played with a ball and a racket. It is actually tennis, squash, or is it really a new sport?

Exercise is healthy

We all want as long as you stay fit and healthy. Good nutrition is one of the important things that are gaining increasing attention. And of course it is important to move well and regularly so that your body stays flexible. Of course you can work out the necessary movement on your own, but it’s more fun to do it with other people. The more, the merrier, and you help each other to become better at your sport.

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Bow Hunting for Beginner: Compound Bows

What Is The Best Compound Bow?

Compound bows are available in different amounts of power, various colors, sizes and styles, chances are you can find the best compound bow for you. There’s a wide selection of companies offering archery supplies and compound bows. Or, your local sporting goods store or hunting store should also have a decent selection. Trying to purchase the best compound bow online can be a complicated process and may not end in your satisfaction. Some things are still best shopped for by the old fashioned hands on method. There are so many aspects to take into consideration when researching a compound bow that by the time you are done, rest assured, it will have been a learning experience. Once you have a true grasp on the requirements involved in selection, things will seem a little easier.

Compound Bows
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Baby Cold Symptoms – Information and Tips

Viruses are responsible for causing colds. The virus gets to the nose and throat.

Do You Know The Symptoms?

There is going to be several symptoms, when your child has a cold. He have a runny nose and will be sneezing. He might have a sore throat plus it can not be easy for him to consume. His glands can become swollen.

A cough may grow.

In case your child has cold like symptoms and is three months old or less, you need to get in touch with a pediatrician. Cold like symptoms in an infant three months old or less could cause a significant ailment and are misleading.

On the flip side, in case your son or daughter is over three months old you need to get in touch with a health care provider in the event you become aware of he is breathing his nostrils and loud grow outside with each breath. Lips or his nails have become blue. His mucus is runny, thick and green. He’s got a cough which hasn’t gone a manner for more than a week. His ears hurt. He’s become grouchy or drowsy.

The best way to Take Care Of Your Child

Medical experts tell us there’s no remedy for the common cold. Nevertheless, there are methods to relieve the miserable symptoms your infant gets.

Make sure he gets lots of rest and additional fluids. If he’s got a temperature, give him acetaminophen or if he is old that six months he can take ibuprofen (however do not give it to your baby if he’s dehydrated or constantly vomiting).

In case your child is under three years of age and has a cough, do not give him a cough unless it was prescribed by a pediatrician, suppressing medication.

In case the mucus is too heavy, it is possible to apply saline nose drops before taking out with all the bulb to soften the mucus. A humidifier can be the best solution in the baby room.

Reasoning Ideas

The most effective method for the child in order to avoid a cold would be to not have him near people that are infected. If a child gets a cold, the best thing you are able to do is make it comfy for him. Shortly his cold symptoms will vanish and he will be back to well-being, in other words, until another episode. But you will get ready for that, will not you?

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