Vacuums explained

Wait a few days, or more and there it is again: Substance. Nothing is as frustrating as the recurrent gray coating that protects nothing. Dust particles composed of millions of cells, spores, and mites that you prefer not to breathe! But how are you going to tackle the substance without proper dust is blown into the room? Vacuum cleaners differences in operation, strength and effectiveness score and often below standard when it comes to carpet. There are points where you can watch you purchase.



How does a vacuum cleaner work?

The inside of vacuum cleaners has never really changed. There is a propeller which is driven by an electric motor, just as does a fan, but with a much greater capacity. The air with the dust is sucked using negative pressure or vacuum by the suction nozzle and the pipe with a hose and pressed away by the vacuum cleaner. The dust bag and filters keep dirt out and then cleaned air can come out on the other side of the device. There are vacuum cleaners with a dust bag and a new generation bagless vacuum cleaner. Furthermore, there are upright vacuum cleaners, mounted on a “slide,” and the upright vacuums mounted on a stem. The latter type is difficult to obtain in our country.

Advantages and disadvantages of types of vacuum cleaners

A paper dust bag is easy to remove and is discarded directly and in its entirety. The disadvantage of this type of vacuum cleaner is that dust bags can clog the vacuum cleaner and then delivers less suction. Also, you are bound to a particular type of bag, and you have to buy it again and again. Want dust bag is over the matter, “loosely” on the device and is difficult to remove. There at this moment exists a substance reservoir to be drained regularly. A vacuum cleaner has the advantage that you can suck up the stairs, albeit slowly and step by step. Steel Vacuum invite less to do the stairs because you can maneuver only while carrying the weight of the vacuum cleaner. The better types have a hose that you can connect or can pull out the device.

The bagless vacuum cleaner

Approximately thirty percent of the Western European households uses a high-tech bagless vacuum cleaner. Where it all began with Dyson invented the device in 1993, now the other big brands one or more bagless vacuum range. The big advantage of a bagless vacuum cleaner is that the suction is lasting high. The operation of this type of vacuum cleaner is based on the principle of a cyclone separator, an air-swirl system. A cyclone consists of a tube part underneath with a conical funnel. The dust in the dirty air is squeezed as they spin around to the bottom of the tube part. The lighter dust is separating at this moment parts of, the heavier parts by the centrifuge operation of the device because dirt is heavier than air. At the bottom of the cyclone separator, the air velocity is higher and higher because of the dust ends up in the conical part. Since the dust is discharged. The cleaned air then goes upstairs and leave the vacuum cleaner. Incidentally, this air is not one hundred percent clean but only 95%. You would be better off without cleaner than with, hence the need for a filter to keep the air as clean as possible. Bagless vacuum cleaners are more expensive, but it is also true that there is no need to purchase dust bags.

Performance vacuum cleaners

Suction power is the most important but also the difficulty. When smooth and hard floors most vacuum cleaners will have no problem. Carpet and flooring are a lot more difficult for nearly all vacuum cleaners. Often you have dozens of times over a few meters gently suck around to see any results, despite wattages (electric power) from 1000 to over 2000 watts. The practice is that there is little left of the original suction. A vacuum cleaner with a maximum power of 2000 W may have a max. The suction power of 425 W., Please note that the store always on the suction power, the second and lower number. It should also hold a vacuum allergens. These allergens are hidden in the dust, for example, hair and feathers of animals, cause allergies. It is, therefore, important that sucked allergens not again be blown out directly. It is therefore clean air coming out of your vacuum cleaner.


Things to watch

How is the working range of the vacuum cleaner? The length of cord and duct is important so that you can reach the floor from any power socket. Many vacuum cleaners are a self-stacking wire which is handy. Note also attachments for vacuuming furniture, baseboards, and corners. An adjustable suction is useful for cleaning curtains and small rugs. This adjustability can be automatically or mechanically. An automatic or electronic power control adjustment is made via a slider or button on the vacuum cleaner. Is the possibility of mechanical, then you slide on the tube or via a foot switch. There are also combinations are possible. Are you allergic then watch the thing on a self-sealing bag, so you do not come into contact with the dust? The store requires a lot of space, so think in advance where you place the vacuum cleaner. Suction Tubes come in different types. For example, is a telescope tube in to adjust the height and therefore easy to adapt to your height.


The appliances in the kitchen cleaning

The cleaning of the appliances in the kitchen is not always a fun job. However, if you always clean immediately after use is a major cleanup, and usually does not happen very often. A good cleaning of the kitchen is very important in connection with hygiene. The freezer, dishwasher, oven/microwave and stove cleaning? If you do that!


The freezer cleaning and defrosting

Once in a while defrosting the freezer will be. This is for example wise to do as much ice build is in the freezer. The more ice, the less space, and the more energy consumed by the freezer. The cleaning of the freezer does not need much effort to charge a given and usually only needed once in six months. You better do it right well. Think in advance when removing the freezer empty, so you empty the freezer. In winter you can keep any remaining food out. Then turn the freezer off and remove the loose parts from the freezer. To speed up the defrosting, you can put a pan of hot water in the freezer. Be sure to catch the melting ice with towels that you might have to change once. Optionally place a container in the freezer to absorb the excess water. If all the ice is gone, you can decrease the freezer with lukewarm water (with all cleaner). Make sure you leave nothing like the rubber of the door. To remove odors, you can freeze also reduced with a little vinegar. If the freezer is completely clean, you can put everything in there again and freezer to do it again.

The dishwasher

Sometimes smell the dishwasher after a while no longer as fresh as you hope or does the dishes are not as clean as before. Perhaps your dishwasher which maintains necessary. You create the filter free of dirt, then remove the filter. You can put the filter in vinegar to neutralize odors. Then rinse thoroughly with hot water and place the filter back.
Many people suffer from limescale. Calcium deposits caused by the water hardness in your area. You can add any additional regeneration salt in your dishwasher to prevent limescale. Let your dishwasher once more wash items in the month. For example, the machine is cleaned in place of the dirty dishes. You may add a little vinegar to neutralize the smell, but you can add a little lemon juice for a fresh scent for fragrance.

The oven/microwave

To clean the oven/microwave can it best after every use as soon cleaning. Get the schedule you may have used and the glass plate out and wash them. Get a cloth with cleaner through the inside of the oven/microwave. By constantly to ensure you get instant cleaning it stains no chance to sit and to cake. Feels the oven grease? Then you can use for example Dusty to dissolve the fat. Always well off the oven/microwave after it’s dunking. Turn after brushing the oven/microwave a bowl of lemon juice or vinegar in the oven/microwave against bad odors.


The hob

If you have an induction hob then can you make the best from it? The sole plate is hot is the one you use. Often you spill something besides, and you can get that same clean with a simple wipe. When can withdraw the heat spots a ceramic or halogen hob? It is, therefore, important to keep the plate clean even during cooking. These look and work like a putty knife, but can do no harm to the plate. You can both plates if necessary wipe with a cloth and everything cleaner. For degreasing can also use Dusty. At a gas cooker, you can remove the parts of the kernels off. In water with soda put it in one evening and then gently wipe with a cloth. Make sure all holes in the burners are properly open. The stainless steel can be cleaned with a cloth and everything cleaner. Use a microfiber cloth to polish some more persistent. Try to avoid scouring pads. These will all form quickly scratch the stainless steel.

Fitness: advantages of push-ups

Pumps or imprints are two names for the execution of the fitness exercise that is referred to as push-up. The push-up is a very versatile exercise that not only muscles but also train the abs very intensive. But also strengthens other muscles of the body in the imprinting, think of the chest muscles and the lower back. Not for nothing this classic fitness exercise has been commonplace for years in physical exercises in the military, in school or sports club. At a regular implementation of this fitness exercise, you will see remarkable results quickly. Alternatively, you can use a push-up bar for more stability during your pushups. This allows you reduce the risk of injuries and strengthen your muscles in an optimal way. What are some of the advantages of push-ups?


What are “push-ups”?

Push-ups are exercises that most of us may recognize the compulsory PE lessons at school or military service. It is a classic fitness exercise that is very simple to perform and for which you have no additional attributes such as dumbbells are needed. It is a very versatile exercise in which trained several muscles of the body. A striking feature of prints is that you will see remarkable results quickly if you’re doing it for a while. Every beginning is difficult, but once you get started it, you will gradually feel stronger. After only a week to ten days, you will find that your muscles are increased in volume.

How do you do that?

As the name suggests you push yourself in a push-up up and leave you again, fall through your arms. Then repeat this exercise again. Hence the name “imprints” or “pumping.” This imprinting is done by straight with your legs leaning against a fixed object such as a wall or bed while you lean on your hands. You fall through your arms to the ground until your nose almost touches the floor and then you back up pressure. Then repeat this movement as much as you want. Depending on your physical condition, you can, for example, start with ten push-ups a day, and then increase the amount to 25 times or more. 25 push-ups a day is a good average to maintain your muscle strength.

Burning calories

A push-up doing an intensive fitness exercise the body in a fairly quick manner calories to burn. Energy is burned to sink through your arms and press you: the pump is good for weight loss if you do it regularly. It is, of course, important also to pay attention to your diet. If you do regain weight, then you will feel it when you bend it because you will find that you need more prints kilos.


Improve fitness

Through intensive sink through your arms and back prints, your heart has to pump much blood to the muscles. Your heart and blood vessels are thus put to work. In the long term, doing push-ups to improve your circulation and your general physical condition strengthens.

Strengthen muscles

By pumping, use a wide range of muscles, which are made all to the test by the effort. This allows them to muscles stronger to make you over time will feel a lot fitter and stronger. Your triceps will be harder and stronger, your chest muscles will bulge and will recuperate your abs. Also, your lower back will advance on it.

Training multiple muscles

When doing push-ups to not only train your arms but also many other muscles. Although you will feel the most effort in your arms (especially in your triceps), but there are also a lot of other muscles are trained as:

  • muscles of the lower back
  • stomach muscles
  • shoulders
  • neck muscles
  • chest muscles
  • muscles of the pelvic
  • muscles of the forearms


Advantage: bones stronger

A perhaps surprising advantage to doing pushups is that by getting stronger muscles also, the bones better protected against wear. Want to have the bones of the body are also protected by powerful muscles. As a result, reduces the risk of bone fractures or disorders of the bones due to age or wear. So it does have to mean to remain imprints in later life. For increased at a later age the risk of wear and tear of the joints.

Push-up bar

Pumps or printing is a very multifunctional exercise: it is no coincidence that it is a classic exercise in training the army, in sports clubs or fitness programs. An additional advantage is that no additional equipment such as fitness equipment is needed. You can do it in your bedroom, outdoors or anywhere where there is more or less firm ground. Still, it may be useful to use a push-up bar: it is a device that provides more stability for your body during your pushups. Because you can put your hands easier this “push-ups” you’ll push ups to perform better. This allows you to strengthen your muscles more efficiently and is also much less chance of injury.

Too much running is not healthy

Running is good for your health, but you should not overdo it. Once you too will execute the risk of injuries increases sharply. Research even shows that your life expectancy if you’re too busy running. More is not always better. The trick is to find the right balance in time and distance. A little running is fine, but a marathon you can do better on the bike.


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10 reasons why running is good for you

Running you do because you want to lose weight, to work on your overall fitness, or just because you like it. But there appear to be numerous reasons to jog regularly or run. Running provides all kinds of positive effects on your body, your mind, and your life. So running example also helps to sleep better, remember more and stay longer young. Here are ten reasons listed why running is good for you. All in all a fantastic motivation to pack your running shoes out of the closet, and get moving!


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Accelerate and promote muscle recovery, how do you do that?

Everyone has sometimes suffered from after a hard workout: tired and sore muscles. Nobody wants to sit still three days to promote muscle recovery. Want to go forward in strength it is important to have a good relationship between muscle strain and muscle recovery. The following tips can help you to promote muscle recovery.



Muscle pain during or immediately after exercise

This form of muscle pain occurs during or immediately after exercise. This is caused by a reaction in the body to indicate that the body against the border of hair can fishy. This type of muscle pain is due by the production of lactic acid or lactate acid in the muscle and usually disappears rather quickly again.

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Alkaline diet: what is and is not?

The alkaline diet is aimed to eat exclusively or mainly goods and drink that have an alkaline effect on the body. An alkaline effect is the opposite of an acidifying effect. It ensures that your pH stays in order so you’re much healthier. The alkaline diet is especially good for your kidneys. In addition, it is also claimed that may have a beneficial effect on the bones, muscles, and intestines.


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Hypertension: how to choose a blood pressure monitor?

Nowadays, the modern technology brings many good devices for our health. If you have pain in foot, there are foot massages devices. If you have diabetes, your doctor will take your blood pressure at every visit. But you want to check on your own sometimes? Here are some tips to choose well and use this self-measurement device.

Taking your blood pressure with a blood pressure at home


There are two types of blood pressure:

Correctly measure its voltage is not always easy. To avoid mistakenly diagnosing hypertension, the doctor may advise you to measure your blood pressure at home.

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Electric Foot Massager


Knowing about the types of foot massager available is the first step you should take in buying yourself a best home foot massager. There are various ways to classify them: according to the health benefits they provide (mostly for relief or also for therapeutic value), according to the operating mechanism (with or without electricity and/or water), coverage (just the sole, the whole foot or the lower body).

Generally, there are 4 main types of foot massagers:

1. Manual Foot Massagers

Manual Foot MassagersThese are the simplest types of foot massagers you can find on the market. They mostly come with tubes, balls or rollers and operate through rolling actions without any electricity involved.


  • Very easy to use: users have complete control over the rolling actions and the intensity of massage. They can just focus on any area they want on their soles.
  • Cheap and cost effective: due to their very simple designs, these foot massager barely cause a dent on users’ wallet for both standard and multiple roller types. Users don’t need t spend a huge sum to feel relaxed.
  • Durable: they can be really durable, especially those made from natural wood grain.
  • Portable: manual foot massagers are those you can bring with you anywhere, from one room to other, to your office or on your trip.


The biggest issue with manual foot massagers is that they have very limited effect on users’ health. They are used mostly for massaging soft tissues of the feet, improving blood circulation and helping us relax.

Except for manual foot massagers, other types bring a lot more therapeutic value.


Preparation for some important moments in your life

From birth to death, through marriage, here’s a note of steps to be taken during these events.



Birth: the first formalities

First step: the “declaration” in the town hall of the place of birth within three days after delivery (not to be confused with the recognition of the child), which allows the child to be named in the family book.

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